Our SEE program is an initiative to fill the void. This is the action plan to the progression statement. Once the social issues are addressed, we then put in an execution plan with realistic objectives. We seek to help open the eyes of our communities starting with our youth. Our initiative strives to have a well rounded culture that is self motivated and armed with the proper tools to start and keep them on the road to success. 

 We will assist in the advancement of our communities. 


Project Mission

The mission is to help wake up our communities starting with our youth. This effort is done through strategy, education, and economics. We manage the process by creating an alliance between the local businesses and our youth.


Project Vision

We seek to create a thriving culture of young people through strategy, education, and economics with the outcome of a greater commitment to excellence that will create a sense of achievement and a quality life.


•How to create a personal budget and be financially responsible

•Soft skills in the work place

•Creating a winning attitude for work advancement

•Introduction into starting a business for those who choose